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Man On A Ledge by Henry Jackman (Review)

posted Feb 16, 2012, 10:23 PM by Kaya Savas

Henry Jackman is propelling into the spotlight these days, and if you are still unfamiliar with him then you must not get out much. His scores to Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class and Puss In Boots have made headlines. For Man On A Ledge Henry explores a lot with electronics and different sonic textures. The end result is a pretty cool and nifty score that makes a fun listen. The further the score goes the more adrenaline is injected into it and that makes for some exciting tracks that never get too carried away.

The score starts off soft and evolves into a propulsive electronic mashup. There's nothing too complex going on, but Jackman layers just enough to make it interesting and not get too crazy. The soundscape is comparable to a Harry Gregson-Williams/Tony Scott score. It's pure fun with no strings attached. There isn't really any emotional underside to the music and that may make the experience feel a bit detached. While motifs are present there isn't any graspable theme to anchor down the score. However, the score does have a very precise sonic identity and when the strings come in it becomes a very exhilarating experience. Just don't try to break the score down too much since there isn't much there to start with.

A great soundscape that keeps a flowing energy makes the score a great listen. The lack of any substantial emotion or grounding theme makes the listening experience a tad detached. I enjoyed every moment of this journey and Henry Jackman executed the score with great precision. Pick up the score for sure, but don't expect any real substance.