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Malos Hábitos by Daniele Luppi (Review)

posted Feb 28, 2011, 10:24 AM by Kaya Savas

Italian composer Daniele Luppi scored this Mexican film in 2007. Ipecac Recordings will finally be releasing the score on April 26th. The score itself is as simple as a score can get. The film revolves around intertwining stories of abuse, adultery and anorexia. The piano is the featured solo instrument here and the themes are backed up by some strings. While that may sound as traditional as it can get the score does offer something unique.

The music works in movements and the dreary tragic tone of it all makes it ever so resonant. The piano trickles as if someone is hunched over the instrument and pecking at the keys. The ideas of isolation and loneliness come across clear as a bell. The score moves along at a constant pace. It doesn't slow down or speed up. It starts and takes you at a walking pace through these emotional arcs. It really is a great small score done incredibly well. The only other instruments that make an appearance are an accordion and a guitar near the end. The score really resonated with me. While there are moments of hope this isn't really a happy score. The score opens with isolation and ends with it. It has a tragic feel to it and I think that's what makes it human.

If you're looking for an example of how a small score can affect you then I really recommend this one. It won't take you to the top of the world, but for half an hour you will know what it feels like to be completely alone and lost.  All because of a few notes on a piano.