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LOST: The Last Episodes by Michael Giacchino (Review)

posted Oct 26, 2010, 11:35 PM by Kaya Savas
So, I wrote my LOST: The Final Season review a few weeks back thinking it was going to be the last LOST release musically. However, I noticed that almost no music was included from the last episode to my disappointment. Several people pointed out on forums and emailed me directly to notice that the only 2 tracks from the final episodes were labeled as "Bonus Tracks". So, naturally it was believed a separate release was being planned all along. Ta-da! Almost immediately following that release we have 2 discs dedicated to the last 4 episodes of the series with disc 2 being completely reserved for the final episode.

Now, LOST has been and will always be the pinnacle of TV scores. There has never been another score in television history that has done what Giacchino has done with LOST. If you want to hear me praise LOST as a series then read my review of LOST: The Final Season. What this release allows listeners to discover is how goddamn well Michael's music closes this series out. I'm going to focus mainly on the second disc here. Listening to that disc all the way through gave me the exact same emotional shaking I got when I watched the final episode on TV.

Throughout this series Giacchino has composed themes that have become iconic staples of the show, and now you get to witness how he takes all those themes and brings them to a beautiful close. Every theme is represented here if even for only a moment. These themes that represent our beloved characters and their emotions immediately become our own emotions. The music in LOST is Giacchino's own personal reaction to the show. He composes each episode and each moment from how he is feeling and that creates such a connection with the audience that it becomes almost too overwhelming. LOST is the only series that has such faith in its composer that it let the entire series end with music. The final 4 minutes of the last episode has maybe only 2-3 seconds of diagetic sound. That is amazing. 

Anyone who is reading this has seen the ending. When Jack limps onto the beach, falls to the ground, and watches the plane take off it is one of the most tragic things in the entire series. Yet how does Giacchino make you cry? By making the music the most beautiful music you've ever heard. I truly don't believe there is such a thing as sad music. You can feel sad and watch something sad, but think of every sad scene from a movie or show. Take notice of the music. Is it sad? No, it's beautiful. Giacchino is highlighting the beauty of life. The beauty of being alive and being human. And since Jack is about to die and lose that beauty it becomes the saddest thing. Whether you interpret the ending to be heaven or just the final thoughts running through Jack's mind before he passes it's nonetheless beautiful. I cannot listen to the track "Moving On" without crying. It's impossible. If that track doesn't make you cry then I truly believe you are dead inside and for that I pity you.

Michael Giacchino has carried this series for 6 whole seasons, which is a remarkable achievement for one composer to do at the level he was doing it. He has crafted some of the finest music ever written. Music that lifts above the show and carries its emotions with it always. You can listen to any piece of music from the show and have the emotions rush through you like it was the first time you were listening to it. This release is wonderful and it gives us that closure that Giacchino gave us in the final episode. Years from now people will look back at Giacchino's work here and still say "wow". Thank you, Michael. Thanks for the music and thanks for reminding us about the beauty in life.