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Lost Planet 3 by Jack Wall (Review)

posted Sep 4, 2013, 10:31 PM by Kaya Savas

Jack Wall is a supremely amazing composer in the realm of video games. His Call Of Duty: Black Ops II score really wowed me with how deep it actually went. So it was without hesitation that I was looking forward to what he did with Lost Planet 3. The Lost Planet 3 soundtrack is a whopping two hours of music and to be perfectly honest is almost two different scores in one. This experience is a very unique one, and it has so many details and layers worth exploring again and again.

To my shocking surprise this game is essentially a space western. Not referential like Star Wars, but really plays on western themes of the genre. Wall dedicates the first part of this score to the western heart of the game. You essentially get a full standalone western score, and it’s incredible. This isn’t a Morricone or Max Steiner type western though. The music is heavily rooted from country music stylings, which makes it more personal in my opinion. It gives it a human touch. It really sets the mood for you before you jump into the meatier more story-focused section of the score starting with “Lost Planet 3 Theme”. That is the essential starting point of the score. Jack Wall has created another wonderful soundscape for this science fiction universe. He paints the coldness of the game’s location very well while adding plenty of action and excitement. The orchestral textures meld well with the electronic ones to create a wonderful meshing of the two. The only downside to the music here is that it’s very “gamey”. In that you can detect the looping tendencies and a lot of the tracks sort of blend together. It’s also a bit hard to grasp the narrative flow. But the music overall is so richly detailed and exciting that it still makes for a fantastic journey.

Lost Planet 3 may confuse you with its musical stylings, but the blending of science fiction and western works well. I think something like Christopher Lennertz’ Starhawk nailed it a bit better, but I still really enjoyed what Wall did here. The music has so much detail and functions exactly how a game score should. With two hours of music in this release you’ll find plenty to sink your teeth into.