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Lost For Words by Andre Matthias (Review)

posted Jun 17, 2015, 4:36 PM by Kaya Savas

Lost For Words is your typical outsider American falling in love with a native girl, and stopping at nothing to be with her despite their differences and their past. This time the story follows an American who moves to Hong Kong and falls in love with a beautiful dancer. Cue the melodramatic score from German composer Andre Matthias. Thankfully the music is handled with enough care and is texturally engaging enough that it is surprisingly good.

The score indeed does a wonderful job of painting a blossoming romance amidst an exotic locale. The score treats everything so overly important and dramatic at times that it can’t help but feel melodramatic. But also, the writing and instrumentation is gorgeous in certain parts. The music will cast a romantic spell on you for sure, and it doesn’t feel or sound like your typical Hollywood romantic drama. In fact it’s in the score’s small and quiet stretches, and thankfully there are lots, where the music truly shines. There is a hint of Chinese flavoring to the music, well maybe a little more than a hint. But it never overbears us with the ethnic sound to the point of overtaking the score. I like how the score wraps up in the final act the most despite its grand reach to be epically sweeping.

Lost For Words follows the typical formula of an American guy falling in love in some distant foreign land, and for the most part the score follows in suit of that. Thankfully there is enough momentum and interesting textures to make Matthias’ score a worthy sweeping romance score. Yes, it’s melodramatic and yes it can be too grand for its own good. But in the end there is enough here that works to make it a compelling journey.