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Lola Versus by Fall On Your Sword (Review)

posted Jun 13, 2012, 8:13 PM by Kaya Savas

Lola Versus has gotten a pretty harsh treatment from critics calling its characters unlikeable and the story too familiar. Whatever your thoughts on the film are one cannot deny the strong identity of this score from the scoring duo known as Fall On Your Sword. While I'd much rather see music by Will Bates and Phil Mossman (their real names) I still really liked this score. The music has a unique identity right off the bat with hooking melodies and a great vocal motif that comes in and out. While we only have 35 minutes of score, it never felt short or rushed. The experience was as complete as I could have hoped for.

As a narrative we are introduced to a great soundscape and character is very present throughout the entire duration of the album. The music resonates a personality, and a likable personality at that. Immediately I wanted to get to know the score more as if I was meeting an interesting person for the first time. There is an indie rockband feel to it, but it doesn't overtake it and never feels like you're listening to a band performing. Once you get into the groove of it the score plays out like any great score does. The quiet moments play well. Guitar becomes the instrument of choice when the music becomes small and intimate. When the score hits these small guitar moments it becomes very personal, and the focus is spot on. Overall I can't complain about the experience of Lola Versus. It is truly a pleasantly refreshing score.

Lola Versus captures you with its unique identity and specific soundscape. If the score has any drawbacks it's that it really doesn't draw a huge emotional response from the listener. Going back to my interesting person analogy, it would be like wanting to listen to a really interesting person talk but have no desire to talk or contribute conversation of your own. It's a great spectator score that you can sit back and enjoy, but it won't draw any heavy emotional response from you. I do highly recommend everyone check it out though, you may be pleasantly surprised.