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Le Petit Prince by Hans Zimmer & Richard Harvey (Review)

posted Aug 7, 2015, 3:06 PM by Kaya Savas

Mark Osbourne directed one of my favorite animated shorts, the stop-motion animated MORE. He went on then to direct Kung Fu Panda, where he obviously got to work with Hans Zimmer. Years later Mark Osbourne now has crafted a wonderfully animated story around the famous The Little Prince story. This film, Le Petit Prince is not a direct adaptation, but it does exist in the world of Le Petit Prince. This project landed in Hans’ laps right after his concerts in London, and thankfully he was spending a lot of time with his old friend Richard Harvey. The fortuitous timing allowed them to reconnect for this magical and emotionally nuanced journey.

Even though the film is in English and features an English-speaking cast, it is really a French production. That is why the film is being released in France as Le Petit Prince to honor the original story. Hans and Richard’s music for the film is a storybook score in every great sense of that description. It’s a wonderful quilt of songs meshed with an enchanting and emotional journey. While Richard and Hans have been great friends over the years, this is really their first true collaboration. You can immediately feel Richard’s more textural writing compliment with Hans’ stylings. Hans focused mainly on the songs with singer Camille (Americans will know her from Ratatouille). Richard, working with some of Hans’ thematic material worked more on the score. Camille’s voice is also used wonderfully in the body of the score apart from the songs themselves. I found myself becoming more and more emotionally invested as the narrative moved along. There are truly some wonderful and beautiful moments here. The nuanced approach and delicate emotions echo so very loud. It all works towards a great finale that brings all the themes home in one swirling flourish to end with gentle sentiment. It's a score that will do a great job of extracting emotions out of the listener.

Le Petit Prince is a wonderful score executed with great themes and a nuanced approach. The combination of songs and score woven together make the music feel so unique of the story. Also hearing Hans and Richard’s stylings meshed together really give it a fresh approach. The two composers are really masters of their craft, and their established friendship allowed them to really have a wonderful collaboration. If you’re looking for a great story with organic emotions then the way Hans and Richard approached Le Petit Prince should connect with you deeply.