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Legends Of Tomorrow: Season 1 by Blake Neely (Review)

posted Oct 25, 2016, 11:14 AM by Leo Mayr

A new spin-off of DC's highly successful superhero TV shows has emerged, once again featuring music by Blake Neely. Neely has been working on Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, so with his involvement in Legends Of Tomorrow, one has to wonder how far he can take this.

Right from the start, Legends Of Tomorrow sounds very different from his previous work. The score relies heavily on orchestral music, with a good amount of electronics scattered throughout. Neely builds the core of the score around themes introduced in the second season of The Flash, with those themes dominating large parts of the soundscape. In many ways, the score sounds a lot more like your typical superhero score with string-heavy action scenes and heroic themes bursting out of every corner, choir is added to the dramatic battles with the main villain and adds an optimistic tone throughout. There are a lot of great action scenes and a handful of more emotional moments with Neely tying everything together nicely. After the very lighthearted approach for Supergirl, Legends Of Tomorrow is a more serious approach that still relies mostly on orchestral music, never reaching the level of darkness dominating Arrow.

After so many different shows and characters, one would think that Neely's work would start sounding alike. And while that is true to the extent of his style as a composer, Neely has put great effort into making all of the shows sound different from each other, despite sharing a strong thematic connection.