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Last Breath by Vincent Gillioz (Review)

posted May 7, 2012, 7:19 PM by Kaya Savas

Last Breath is a low budget thriller about an unfaithful couple trapped by a crazed killer who will force them to come to terms with themselves. Clearly the movie takes a lot after Saw, but musically what we have is an incredibly intricate score from Vincent Gillioz. The soundtrack album is over an hour of Vincent's score, and with long tracks it is able to work itself over you. I was genuinely surprised at how good of a thriller score we have here from such a low budget film. Gillioz doesn't do anything quirky or bizarre to make the music stand out, but instead gives us a rich full-bodied score that works hand in hand with the picture.

The score opens with an impressive slow building track that fills the air with sound as it grows. It reminded me a bit of David Julyan's score to Insomnia in that it was able to reach a certain emotional point quickly without doing much. The score then takes us deeper and darker as we progress. This is in no way a horror score as the music isn't "scary". There aren't any cheap jolts, but Gillioz does use a few horror techniques to ramp up the tension. The music knows when to be quiet and when to be loud. Structurally the score works extremely well and it's executed very well. The score takes us on a dark journey, but in its conclusion we do find light at the end of the tunnel.

The budget constraints show a bit through the sampled soundscape, but it doesn't hurt the listening experience. The score is a wonderfully and expertly structured thriller. It builds a nice emotional platform before plunging us into the dark dreary world of the film. The long tracks really show off how well the music is telling the story. There's nothing here that will particularly blow you away because Gillioz keeps it simple, but he doesn't hesitate to fill the air with sound at times. This is a score worth checking out.