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La Guerre Des Boutons by Klaus Badelt (Review)

posted Nov 14, 2011, 10:20 PM by Kaya Savas

La Guerre Des Boutons is based off the novel by Louis Pergaud and the original film was made in 1962. The story was adapted in Ireland in 1994 under the translated War Of The Buttons and now has been remade again in France. For this 2011 remake Klaus Badelt takes the helm at scoring duties. Klaus has been keeping busy in France doing some great work on a couple French films over the past few years. With La Guerre Des Boutons we get a fantastic score that focuses a lot on solo instruments rather than an orchestra. The score is charming and full of character. It has an indescribable energy to it that makes it distinctly Klaus Badelt's.

The story is about two groups of kids who claim buttons as their victory prize in a playful war that escalates. If you're expecting a childish romp then you'd be completely wrong. This is a deeply rich dramatic score with young at heart sensibilities. A lot of the score is guitar based and the guitar work is just wonderful. Badelt crafts some great textures as he mixes in a tiny bit of strings and some percussion. The score can be sublime at times as it hits some very delicate emotions. I don't know what it is about the music that I resonate so much with, but I do resonate with it deeply. The entire score is soft spoken and quietly moves along in a fascinating fashion. I really do love this score. While I think Rescue Dawn is Klaus' best score I feel this is a close second. It manages to find all the right moments and accentuates them brilliantly.

This is a wonderful score from one of my favorite composers. It really has some wonderful instrumentation sprinkled throughout delicate emotional arrangements. It's an airy score as the music really embraces solo instruments instead of the cohesive sound of an orchestra. The theme is small and delicate as is the entire score. It really was a lovely treat that I will be revisiting again and again. If you need to wind down after a hard day I really recommend this gem from across the Atlantic Ocean. A worthy import from Klaus Badelt who really shines with this score. This is definitely one of the top scores of the year and one you owe yourself to seek out. Bravo, Klaus. Bravo.