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Justice League vs Teen Titans by Frederik Wiedmann (Review)

posted Oct 15, 2016, 12:35 AM by Leo Mayr

Justice League vs Teen Titans
sees yet another DC animation score by Frederik Wiedmann. Wiedmann delivers a strong superhero score that suffers from a lack of a strong identity.

In contrast to many of Wiedmann's darker superhero scores, Justice League vs Teen Titans feels a lot more bold and heroic, a welcome sound after countless of dark scores. The orchestral score is loud and heroic, with Wiedmann showing off great orchestral action writing throughout. While the score features the usual suspenseful moments, the louder, more action oriented moments stand out from the rest. The score is full of heroism and energy, yet Wiedmann still manages to emphasise the seriousness of the threat presented in the film. There are plenty of darker moments as well, though the music here really isn't anything groundbreaking. The score's main theme is a bold fanfare that appears at some points during the movie, though not too often. Wiedmann handles the emotional component surprisingly well, making the experience all the more engaging.

Justice League vs Teen Titans shows a great effort by composer Frederik Wiedmann. The orchestral action is loud and exciting, the emotional scenes are great and the fun main theme nicely ties things together.