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Justice League: Gods And Monsters by Frederik Wiedmann (Review)

posted Aug 21, 2015, 10:16 AM by Leo Mayr

Justice League: Gods And Monsters
 presents an interesting take on the usual superhero stories. While I am not particularily interested in those kind of animated movies, this one got my attention. Part of this comes from the opportunity to review the score. 

The score opens with a darker track that aims for more of a dramatic feeling than a traditional superhero theme. "Main Title" sticks to that darker theme but combines it with more heroic sounds and electronics. From there, the score finds a slower pace. While there is a lot of music that only seems to fill in gaps, there are some great moments. In "No More Disappearing", Wiedmann gets to show his potential in action writing, creating an intense action piece that bareley feels like it's been composed for an animated movie. The following tracks once again drop the pace for the emotional side of things, creating nice moments though I have a hard time keeping any of the themes in my head. "Evacuate Metropolis" increases the dramatic side of things once again with a stunning before-the-showdown track that could easily have been from a big budget blockbuster.

The rest of the score stays within these borders. Some great action moments accompanied by the emotional themes that, while doing their job fine, fail to be anything too special. With "Justice League: Gods And Monsters", the score finds it's conclusion in a bold theme that leaves behind the darker themes heard before.

To sum it up, Wiedmann's efforts are clearly visible but the score fails to be more than a "normal" superhero score. There are no moments that stand out as truly unique and most of the music fails to stay in my head. While the music does its job, it is not something that will be remembered by a lot of people.