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John Dies At The End by Brian Tyler (Review)

posted Apr 4, 2013, 7:02 AM by Kaya Savas

John Dies At The End is not your typical mainstream movie so you’d be safe to assume that the same would go for Brian Tyler’s score. Brian is an incredibly talented composer who has accomplished a lot very early in his career. If you’ve read or seen anything about this flick (based on the book) then you’d know it’s a genre mashup. The score does its best to replicate the mess going on in the narrative. If you’re one who can appreciate a pulpy, comedic horror fantasy then you may be able to appreciate Tyler’s score here.
The score is what it is. It feels as if someone took the scraps and bits of other scores, put them in a blender and then hit the “on” button. That’s what I initially took away from listening to this score. However I began to notice there was a sense of order amidst the chaos. The score has it’s own weird charm and identity, but in the end it never feels like you know what you’re listening to. It’s a fun listen even if it is more of a misfired experiment than a fully realized score. The Morricone homages were fun, and in a way the whole package did feel coherent. By the end though you don’t feel fully satisfied by what has just transpired before you. It’s not exactly a score that can function on its own and definitely feels naked without the film around it. However, as a fan of Tyler and knowing his capabilities it was very interesting to experience at least once.

John Dies At The End won’t stick around in your head for long. It’s a score that works decent enough in the confines of the wacky film it accompanies, but on its own it feels aimless. There are a few quirky characteristics of the score that are admirable and it holds together well enough to be worthy of a listen, but I can’t imagine myself listening to it quite often. Brian Tyler does tackle different genres and never lets himself get typecast, which is always excellent. From scores like Brake to The Greatest Game Ever Played to Iron Man 3 this summer you never know what he’ll tackle next. It’s the one thing I really admire about him and it’s worth checking out this experiment even if the end result wasn’t anything spectacular.