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Joanna Lumley's Trans-Siberian Adventure by Miguel d’Oliveira (Review)

posted Aug 7, 2015, 3:05 PM by Kaya Savas

Joanna Lumley is not a household name for most Americans, but her esteemed modeling and acting career has seen her in some great work including being a Bond girl. For this documentary presented as a mini-series she plays host as we take the trek across the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Composer Miguel d’Oliveira provides the gentle and sweet flourishing score to this traveling journey.

The score unfortunately only hits a short 21-minutes in running time, but what’s here seems to act more as broad strokes to the travel documentary versus an intricate narrative score. The music hits on several great emotions ranging from large sweeping moments to smaller more intimate ones. Miguel d’Oliveira’s writing is quite accomplished and entrancing at times, and the music is doing some great melodic things. The music is acting as these bursts that are meant to help propel the documentary forward, and give the editors some breaks from talking bits. The music is a bit large and melodramatic, and it tries too hard at times. But it doesn’t keep the overall experience from being delightfully wonderful.

This is a great effort from Miguel d’Oliveira who showcases some rather impressive writing. Unfortunately his canvass here doesn’t give him much range. The music tries to capture the scope and emotional discovery of this journey, and it succeeds mostly. The music can bee too large and grandiose at times, and the short running time hinders its ability to take us on a connected journey. But as a small window into another world the score is enchanting and very pleasant.