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Jenny's Wedding by Brian Byrne (Review)

posted Aug 28, 2015, 3:07 PM by Kaya Savas

The well-intentioned but poorly executed drama Jenny’s Wedding features a sparse score from Brian Byrne. This is going to be one of those reviews where there is not much to say, because there really isn’t much. In fact it seems the soundtrack was only released to headline the selection of Kristina Train songs featured in the film.

Sappy and overly hitting the nail on the head can describe Jenny’s Wedding; a story about a gay woman who decides to marry the love of her life and confront her conservative parents. The songs steal the bulk of the spotlight here, and sound like your generic alternative rock radio station. Brian Byrne’s limited involvement is reduced to 4 tracks and 9-minutes of generic scoring that has no identity or any real effect. This could have been an amazing character-based movie, but instead the film decides to use the characters as puppets to tell the audience that intolerance is bad and we should be with who we love. There is nothing wrong with the message of the film, but when the movie and the score focus on the message instead of the characters and story then we get a pretty uninteresting and forgettable compilation of music.

The only thing this soundtrack is good for is maybe for adding a song or two to your easy listening playlist. Other than that, the 9-minutes of score add up to nothing of substance. Everything is so bland and generic, and it just bleeds “Lifetime” movie quality here. The film’s messages are important and well-intentioned, but the craft of telling the story behind the message is weak and uninspired.