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Jack The Giant Slayer by John Ottman (Review)

posted Mar 1, 2013, 1:12 PM by Kaya Savas

John Ottman teams up with director Bryan Singer once again and delivers an absolutely stunning adventure score for Jack The Giant Slayer. The score for this film is quite honestly the best part of the film. Ottman manages to rope you in right from the opening logos and never lets go. It has all the characteristics of a classic adventure score from romance to little character moments and even swashbuckling action. The score is loud and extremely fun, and Ottman has created one of his most memorable themes with it as well. While John edits and scores all of Bryan Singer's films, this one seemed probably the most challenging for him and his many creative roles. The end result is that it was clearly John Ottman who was responsible for keeping this behemoth afloat with his nuanced editing and propulsive score.

As I said earlier, the score hooks you in right from the opening logos. The theme calls out loud and strong, and it sends a joyous tingle down your spine. What follows is simple in structure, but done so well that it will leave a long lasting impression on you. I still hum the theme as it has yet to leave my head. The rest of the score has plenty for adventure lovers to dig their teeth into. While that central theme is meant for Jack and Isabelle, it's probably more so the theme of the movie instead. Sort of how another Jack (Sparrow) had his own theme, but that Pirates Of The Caribbean theme was the welcome mat of the film. For Jack The Giant Slayer the music carries the listener along with Jack and his quest to save Isabelle and rescue the kingdom. The action pieces are entertaining and tremendously enjoyable. Ottman gives the giants some tangible weight that really establishes their presence when they're in a scene. The score follows the film pretty closely, and it doesn't add more than what you see. Ottman pretty much scores exactly what you see on screen, and that's absolutely fine. What I really love is that he scores little action beats that adds to the playfulness of the film. He never "mickey mouses" the action, but here and there he'll score a fall or a thud and it always put a smile on my face. The score ends just how you imagine it would, but there is nothing wrong with a little familiarity as long as it's playing on traditional fairytale storytelling.

Jack The Giant Slayer is a terrific score, and it should not be missed. The film is a bloated adventure epic and the score matches all of it. John Ottman gives us a rousing theme, fun action, romanticism, grand orchestration and ties it up with a "happily ever after" ending. While the story may be familiar, the score is a fresh orchestral romp. Jack And The Giant Slayer is everything you'd want in an adventure score and you can always count on John Ottman to deliver the goods.