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Immortals by Trevor Morris (Review)

posted Dec 1, 2011, 9:24 PM by Kaya Savas

Trevor Morris is on a serious roll and his music explodes onto the big screen in a very big way. While Trevor is no stranger to blockbusters this is indeed one of the biggest ones he's helmed on his own. If you know Morris' style then you know his love for lush orchestrations. Since mastering his style on shows like The Tudors, Borgias and Pillars Of The Earth he has embraced a great handling of big sounds executed with elegance. Even though the studio plastered 300 all over the movie don't expect anything like Tyler Bates' lackluster score.

The soundscape does play with the genre. This is a loud score, and when I say loud I do mean loud. Don't listen to this before going to bed or when others in your household are sleeping. The music is bold and intense but it's not chaotic. The score doesn't bash you over the head with loudness but rather builds to loud points to hammer in intensity. The score also has great quiet moments that demonstrate Morris' ability to craft delicate textures and sounds. The score has some a historical feel to it through its instrumentation. Maybe it was just some of The Tudors rubbing off, but it works in the overall balance of emotions. The one thing these types of scores tend to do is just be loud and chaotic with no structure, and that's not the case here. Trevor Morris handles the score superbly so it doesn't become an aimless assortment of sounds. Not everyone will be blown away by the music, but it's pure fun. It definitely kicks ass and that's what it's meant to do. The film is extremely stylistic so the music has to match that level. If you're a fan of grand choral work and huge brass sounds then this score will most likely appeal to you. It will definitely put a few hairs on your chest.

Immortals is a stylistic action film and the score somehow manages to be damn good even if the movie falls short. Trevor Morris brings it all here and you won't be disappointed. After hearing his style develop over his television career it was awesome to see him let loose in a grand fashion with Immortals.