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I, Frankenstein by Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil (Review)

posted Feb 10, 2014, 10:08 PM by Kaya Savas

Gothic action flicks have become a very tired genre. I, Frankenstein falls right in line with forgettable stylized movies like Underworld and Legion. While the movies may be complete wastes of time, the scores aren't always so. The formidable duo behind scores like Run Lola Run and Cloud Atlas take a crack at this stylized genre. The result is a score that actually packs a lot of great things and delivers one fantastic adventure. The music pushes hard and in some cases too much, but it's still a journey worth taking. This is a case where the music deserved a better movie to score. 

Klimek and Heil do an astounding job crafting an action score with a lot more going on than just brute force. There is a certain elegance to the approach, but there's also a dark brooding intensity laying underneath it all. The use of a chorus for some tracks gives it that supernatural feel, while utilizing the great Lisa Gerrard adds an element of beauty. The action is also fantastically scored and structured. The tracks are fully immersive and engaging. You’re roped right into them, and they are actually some impressively done pieces. The score can be a little too much at times, especially in the final act when some things just feel a little too over the top. However, when you look at the film the music is accompanying you can understand why the music needed to hit certain levels. The lack of any emotional pull does hold back the lasting value, but it delivers in other areas to make it worth your while.

I, Frankenstein’s score is nowhere near as awful as the film is. Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil are tremendous talents and you can’t deny that this score has some really great moments. Sure it can get melodramatic and over the top, but it’s nothing you should be taking seriously. The structure and approach of it all make for a very engrossing experience that truly feels original with its own unique soundscape.