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I Am Number Four by Trevor Rabin (Review)

posted May 23, 2011, 7:51 PM by Kaya Savas

Trevor Rabin is definitely one of those composers who I adore since he was such a big part of my soundtrack collection growing up. However sometimes I wish he would get better projects because every now and then something like this comes along and you ask "why?". Now, while he may compose some pretty bad movies that doesn't mean his scores aren't. His scores for National Treasure, Race To Witch Mountain and The Sorcerer's Apprentice are absolutely great action scores. I Am Number Four however is not among those great fun scores. This time around we are void of any real thematic grounding and we spend too much time wallowing in dreary melodrama.

Rabin's sound is very distinctive and you can point him out within a few notes, but what I always loved about Trevor Rabin was his thematic sensibility. This time around we really don't get that defining theme and unfortunately that leaves the score wandering without focus for most of the time. Now and then during the action cues we feel some sort of progression but it never really lasts. The tracks are quite short with only a handful breaking the three minute barrier. With that being said the action tracks are merely short bursts of hard electronics with some signature strings. The soundscape does have an identity though and it makes the listening experience passable, but if you're not a die hard Trevor Rabin fan like me then I doubt you will revisit this score very often or at all.

We know Trevor Rabin is capable of awesome stuff, which makes it disappointing when I hear something like this. I can't blame him for the terrible source material that he has to compose for but I've seen him work magic before on some dreadful flicks. This time he can't really do much with what's given to him and the end result is a very dull unfocused experience.