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Hoodwinked Too!: Hood Vs. Evil by Murray Gold (Review)

posted Apr 23, 2011, 4:23 PM by Kaya Savas

Murray Gold is best known for his astounding work on the Doctor Who series for BBC. For that show he has composed some amazing music so while this film may not be appealing to anyone over 8 I was still eager to check out what he did. What we have here is actually quite an excellent score that boasts a great style with some really fun tracks. Gold didn't compose the first film 6 years ago so he's new to the franchise if you can call it that.

The score reminds me a lot of old 60's Mancini. It has that jazzy lounge feel on a slightly more aggressive scale. Definitely a lot of homage being paid not only to Mancini but a little John Barry too. The music has some Bond elements and by that I mean the whole dastardly villain trying to take over the world feel. The music flows well and is a great listen. My only complaint would be the short track times so you never actually get in a rhythm, but it's a small gripe because the melodies are fantastic. What also helps is that the score is orchestral so it really feels alive and captures the genre of movies the music is homaging.

Overall this is one of those times where you shouldn't judge a score by its cover. If you know Michael Giacchino's score to The Incredibles then you'll appreciate what Murray Gold is doing here a lot. This is such a colorful and well executed score that overlooking it would be a shame. Murray Gold is one of the best composers working today and this score proves that he can take a project like Hoodwinked Too and make it something special.