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Hawk by Stuart Hancock (Review)

posted Apr 5, 2011, 11:10 PM by Kaya Savas

Moviescore Media is a small label with big ambitions. It's very hard to find a score to a short film that actually gets an official release. Usually the composer will just post the tracks on his/her site. However with Hawk we indeed have an official release for a short film. Hawk is a 38-minute short film and the score release is also around 38-minutes. That means there is a lot of music in this film and we are most likely getting everything British composer Stuart Hancock composed for it.

So, musically this score is quite good. You would never expect to hear the sound and production quality of this score in a short film, but that's exactly what you get. You get a score with feature film qualities, grand orchestration and lots of atmosphere. The strings in the score are the most prominent and while a lot of the music is brooding there are moments where we get flourishes of energy. The score has moments of beauty with great choral work. The only downside is that the big unveil comes with the end credits. Everything leads up to that track, which is so amazing that I wish a lot of that energy found itself in the main storytelling. Now, since the score is short there isn't much brooding strings you have to get through to experience the grand finale, but I feel like the weight of the score is the opposite of front loaded. So I guess I'd call it end loaded? Anyway, small gripe that really doesn't detract from the dark underworld tones of the main story.

This is a score I would never have come across so I'm really happy I got to experience it. It's truly wonderful to see a short film's score getting a decent release like this. Especially since the quality is so superb, which is rare. This is definitely a score worth walking into blindly. The journey is worth it just to experience the reveal of the "The Rising Soul (End Credits)". That is one beautiful track.