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Happy Death Day by Bear McCreary (Review)

posted Oct 19, 2017, 7:13 PM by Kaya Savas

Bear McCreary is one of the most prolific television composers, but his film scores are just as noteworthy. Bear is no stranger to the horror genre with scores like The Boy and The Forest, but Happy Death Day definitely is a spin on the genre that allowed McCreary to do some really neat things with the music. The end result is a tongue in cheek horror score that plays with the film’s unique premise and genre.

The film’s plot sees our main character getting killed over and over, and when she dies she restarts her “death day”. With each death she gets closer to discovering who the killer is. So think of it like Edge Of Tomorrow except as a slasher pic! The first four tracks of the score album represent how Bear played with the plot. It’s also where the score’s character and personality come into the spotlight. The rest of the score, which is not focused on the looping days, is where Bear has lots of fun taking a pretty great orchestral spin on horror. The movie is not really creepy or scary, but it doesn’t hold back with intensity and just pure adrenaline. The music really fleshes out these sequences and you get to hear an approach to horror that you really don't hear too often. Strings and blasting brass don’t even make it feel like horror, but the adrenaline is constantly pumping and it works so well.

Happy Death Day is a refreshingly fun horror score from Bear McCreary that is cleverly structured and executed. The music works in hand with the film’s Groundhog Day premise to add personality and thrills. The bold orchestral approach for the horror sequences made everything feel so alive, and even though the music isn’t “scary”, it succeeds as a full-on pursuit thriller.