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Gone With The Wind: Classic Film Scores by Max Steiner (Review)

posted Feb 16, 2011, 10:37 AM by Kaya Savas

Gone With The Wind
in my book is the greatest score ever composed. This is the epitome of film music and represents everything that Max Steiner is as a composer. The amount of emotion and feeling behind that main theme is stunning. The score has been around for a very long time and has been written about many times. In fact you could write a book about this score alone and not scratch the surface of its significance. What I'm looking at here more specifically is this release from Sony Masterworks. This release is a re-recording of the score by Charles Gerhardt and The National Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Now, I hate re-recordings. Pure and simple I think there is no substitute for the original sound of any score. However I do agree that some scores from the past have aged considerably and their quality has deteriorated. Gone With The Wind is one of those scores. The original recording is muffled, scratchy, poppy, hissy and all sorts of nasty adjectives you'd associate with sound. However there is no substitute for it. The magic that it holds in knowing you are listening to the same instruments used in the film cannot be denied. So that brings us to this release. Is this re-recording faithful to the original? Absolutely 100%. In fact it's one of  the most faithful re-recordings I've heard. The spirit of the score is captured eloquently and brings forth a quality not heard in many years to this wonderful score. Does it sound like a remastered version of the original? No. Lightning can't strike twice. Whatever air was in the room when the original was recorded is forever gone and will only remain in the original recording.

To me Max Steiner's score to Gone With The Wind is what film music is all about. It has one of the most recognizable themes in film history and embodies the film in such a way that only listening to it can explain. I do applaud Sony Masterworks and Charles Gerhardt for taking the initiative to restore this and many other scores through re-recordings. I was presented with the complete collection to review and it was an overwhelming site. I decided to review my favorite which was Gone With The Wind but I will present the complete list of what you can find below. Hopefully one of these compilation scores tickles your fancy enough to go and explore it once again.


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Now, Voyager - The Classic Film Scores of Max Steiner

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Includes all the unforgettable music from Max Steiner’s epic score


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