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Girl On A Bicycle by Craig Richey (Review)

posted Mar 26, 2014, 10:30 PM by Kaya Savas

Craig Richey is probably one of my favorite underrated composers. His scores to Wonderful World and Answers To Nothing truly captivated me. He has a way with dramatic structure that is very special to find in a film composer’s work. He truly understands what a film needs musically and how a score should function in a narrative. Girl On A Bicycle is a romantic dramedy that follows an Italian tour bus driver in Paris and the many loves of his life as his life is turned upside down. The score itself is a charming and wonderful character driven score that wins you over within the first few seconds. 

Richey lays out a musical story here that is full of charm, playfulness and a little bounciness to add comedic sway. The score instantly has a unique sound and a narrative flow that really takes you through the story. Songs are woven throughout the album and actually enhance the album experience in my opinion. The score is still the main show, and you get to hear it develop fully. What I love the most is that there is true organic personality behind the music. You can feel the characters in the score, and with a touch of that Parisian romance the score becomes irresistible. We get a very satisfying resolution at the end as well. It's very simple in its approach, and that is why it's able to resonate so well with the listener.

Girl On A Bicycle isn’t your typical romantic fluff. Sure, it has a romantic side but it rises above genre archetypes to becomes something more unique, more special than a genre label. Richey’s fantastic writing is in full display here and he adds another wonderful score to his already impressive filmography.