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Girlhouse by tomandandy (Review)

posted Mar 3, 2015, 3:17 PM by Kaya Savas

Girlhouse’s premise is a giant house used by webcam porn models that gets stalked by a maniac after one of the girls calls him pathetic online. This is a B-movie slasher pic in every sense of the genre, but a bad one at that. The score from tomandandy is as empty as the film that offers nothing in terms of stylistic draw, tension or general terror.

The score is used merely to sound “disturbed” and “creepy”. It’s all electronic, and nothing really builds suspense or tension. The score merely exists as filler. There was no real attempt to play with the material here. I mean, if you got porn actresses getting naked in front of a webcam then being stalked by a deranged killer you’d think you’d have fun with the style. Create something seductive, fun, then flip it on its head in some nightmarish fashion. From the get go everything is pretty standard, and nothing calls out or draws you in. That carries all the way to the end as well. The score shares the album with some songs as well, obviously used for the sexy webcam stuff instead of score.

Girlhouse lacks character, it lacks structure and it lacks fun. The duo tomandandy are no strangers to this genre either, they are horror veterans for sure. But not even these two composers could save this train wreck. I’m more interested in what they’ll do for Sinister 2 than say something like Girlhouse.