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Get Even by Olivier Deriviere (Review)

posted Jun 30, 2017, 1:12 PM by Kaya Savas

Olivier Deriviere’s scores have always stood out dramatically thanks to his lush melodic style that has infused his writing with a deep emotional core. Get Even provides a unique playground for the composer to work in where the use of organic orchestral sounds blend with complex and impactful electronic textures. The game is a psychological thriller where you piece together a mystery by reliving moments of your past with a piece of gear attached to your head. The score does a great job overall of creating tension and keeping the story moving even if the styles don't always mesh well together.

What Get Even does well is tell a story. Structurally this a superbly crafted score that makes the player invested in the narrative, and then keeps us engaged through the gameplay emotionally. In fact the first part of the score does a fantastic job of setting things up with some weeping strings and some more grounded synth work. Deriviere does some great work manipulating time with reverbs and ticking percussion as well that plays into the whole memory aspect of the game. As the story progresses we get some small doses of heavy looping electronics which were a bit too “dubstep” and didn’t mesh. But the final leg of the score embraces Deriviere’s style and he plays out everything in a beautiful melancholic fashion.

Get Even in the end is a bit uneven, but that doesn’t hold it back from being a really immersive experience. The meshing of Olivier Deriviere's signature sounds with some more gritty synth loops didn’t always work, just in a few instances where the balance was just right. But this is mostly a score about reflecting back on memories and getting hit with emotional swells in the midst of being a psychological thriller. The overall score doesn't fell too inspired, and at times feels like its bending too much to the genre of the game than bringing that special something. But the game and score have a personality that make them both stand out, and for that it’s worth checking out.