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Gears Of War 3 by Steve Jablonsky (Review)

posted Oct 16, 2011, 7:17 PM by Kaya Savas

Steve Jablonsky returns to the franchise with this hard-hitting action score. Jablonsky's first outing with Gears Of War was with the second game when the developers decided to seek him out. It was clear that they were after a "Transformers" sound for the game and that's exactly what Jablonsky delivered. The score ended up being really successful. The music gave a grand scope to what was a grand scope game. Jablonsky now tries to replicate the success he had before and expand on it.

If you are looking for the same epic goodness that Jablonsky delivered last time then you'll be in luck. The score delivers on that front. The music incorporates lots of techniques and structures that Jablonsky has made his own over his career. Since this is a game score you will have the occasional repetitive looping tracks, but the way the album is compiled it really strives to give you a progressive listening experience. Now, we do get a lot of score on this CD. With almost 80 minutes of music we get a pretty decent representation, but after sitting through the experience I found it hard to distinguish tracks from one another. The experience did become sort of one mushed together jumble. I also felt much less dramatic building this time around, and once I finished the CD I felt like I wanted more. The overall experience though is a worthwhile one.

While I really loved Jablonsky's last score I was hoping he would have done a little more expanding for this outing. We get a lot of the same and the score itself is void of the thematically driven tracks that the second game had. The score is very good and considering the game it fits like a glove, but once the CD ends you may find yourself lacking any lasting effect from the score.