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Game Of Thrones: Season 2 by Ramin Djawadi (Review)

posted Jul 2, 2012, 8:29 PM by Kaya Savas

Ramin Djawadi continues is scoring efforts on the huge HBO show. Season 1 saw him really lay down the groundwork and build some very impressive moments. The music in this show functions a bit differently than say Michael Giacchino's score in LOST. The show is not structured around the score and therefore I do get frustrated from time to time when long periods go by with no score. However I think I've come to terms with how the show was meant to be structured, and to be able to listen to the score on its own allows me to appreciate how much subtle things are going on musically that you may miss in the show.

Game Of Thrones is a show that relies very heavily on dialogue and character interaction. That rarely leaves room for musical score to take center stage. However, I am the type of person who needs a score to round out the story and characters. The reason why I gave up on Boardwalk Empire was because I became so frustrated over the lack of music in the show. A source song here and there just didn't cut it for me. I couldn't get involved with the characters and therefore became bored. Game Of Thrones is a bit different. While I have to search for moments of score supported scenes, it doesn't dull the experience. Also, most of the time I'm so engrossed with the characters and plot that I don't realize the score is working on me and is in fact there. I'm VERY score conscious so for the score to do its job without me realizing did make me do a double take. That is why I love having this CD release and really being able to experience all the intricate details of Djawadi's music. Season 2 is much for thematically mature and full-bodied than Season 1. He has built a very interesting soundscape that absorbs you into this mythical world.

Season 2 of Game Of Thrones is a much more well-rounded experience. It improves on the already impressive groundwork Djawadi has laid down in Season 1. The opening titles have become so iconic already that even The Simpsons have parodied it. There is also a grand scale emotion to the whole package as well. Nothing that will shed tears but it may get a few hairs standing on end. Season 2 has all the parts working in full motion, and it truly is a world worth jumping back into again.