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From Inside by Brett Smith (Review)

posted Jun 4, 2012, 6:37 PM by Kaya Savas

This visually stunning post apocalyptic film is truly a feast for your eyes. The animation and colors are all visually striking, but at the heart of this story is a very well crafted score by Brett Smith. This score is not going to wow you with grand orchestrations or bold themes. This score is going to work itself slowly over your consciousness. Smith needed to match the bleak visuals of the story and he successfully did it with a score that even if slow is never boring.

I don't think there's a better word to describe this score than atmospheric, but a lot of people shy away when they hear that adjective. While the basis of the score is mainly tones and electronic beats it still manages to craft a well structured story. Anybody who is familiar with Akira Yamaoka's work will definitely understand that it is possible to have a purely atmospheric score work very well as a structured narrative. This is a fine example of that. You should be in a certain mood if you're going to embark on this musical journey. It's not something to start your day off with, and while it isn't depressing it is pretty bleak. Most of the score is spent in a dreary darkness and we really don't get a sense of hop till the track "A New Life" hits; an emotional turning point for the main character if you know the film. We then end the album in a very industrial fashion.

This is a superb slow working score that is very effective in its approach. If you never liked atmospheric scores to begin with then I don't think this will appeal to you, but anyone who loves to experience music working at a slower pace will love it. This isn't a loud score but the emotions and moods do play, and in the end it's indeed an experience worth taking.