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From Dusk Till Dawn: Season 3 by Carl Thiel (Review)

posted Feb 17, 2017, 11:35 AM by Kaya Savas

Robert Rodriguez’s television reimagining of his popular film From Dusk Till Dawn continues into its third season with Carl Thiel at the helm of the score. Carl’s close bond with Robert has made him such an integral part of the show’s sound even though Robert Rodriguez himself has his own musical aesthetic. While I love Robert Rodriguez as a musician and a composer on all his classic films, it was great that he put his trust in Carl here to give From Dusk Till Dawn its own unique sound. Don’t worry, Robert Rodriguez still contributes a few pieces here and there like the awesome track “Santanico’s Fight Club”, but the heart of the characters, genre homages and intricate storytelling talents lie in Carl’s strong third season score.

The approach for the series definitely embraces its horror roots but still gives it this western edge like the movie did. In its third season we see lots of strong moments that are created using rhythmic builds and cool textures. And before you go “Oh, so just atmospheric builds?”, the score packs a wallop on you with something like “Olmeca”. Certain tracks go really big, get the choir in there and really make you feel like you’re absorbed in the vampire world. It’s a gothic horror score that will entertain from start to finish, nothing is terribly scary per se but it can get chilling here and there. And that’s fine, because From Dusk Till Dawn isn't setting out to startle and jump scare you. This is pure pulp entertainment designed to absorb and entertain.

Carl Thiel has given From Dusk Till Dawn a fantastic new identity in the three seasons the show has been on the air. While the future of the series is still uncertain, at least we have some supremely entertaining gothic horror scoring with a western twist that will live on. Robert Rodriguez entrusted the series sound with Carl, and he was able to give From Dusk Till Dawn a fresh sound that felt of the genre but also made it feel unique to the world of the story. Season 3 has some really fun big moments, but also shows off those wonderful textural builds that Carl Thiel does so well. Plus a few Robert Rodriguez tracks for good measure make for a fun time.