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Fright Night by Ramin Djawadi (Review)

posted Aug 29, 2011, 10:33 PM by Kaya Savas

Djawadi who is fresh off the success of the amazing Game Of Thrones takes a shift in genre and gives us a fun horror extravaganza with Fright Night. I think it's funny that I just met Brad Fiedel the other day who did the original Fright Night and now I'm reviewing Ramin's absolutely great take on it. I've interviewed Ramin before and I know for his scores to Medal Of Honor and Clash Of The Titans that he didn't look or listen to the originals. So, I can probably say with confidence that he didn't look at Fiedel's music at all when crafting his own ghoulish treat for us.

Fright Night is the equivalent of an amusement park ride and Djawadi had pure fun with this score. The music has lots of classic horror elements in it and you get that right from the first track. The fact that he threw in an organ into the instrumentation made me smile. Djawadi also keeps the music melodic and establishes a theme to stick with. The first half of the score borders campy fun, but as the story progresses and a real threat is introduced the music begins to reflect that. The music takes on a serious tone, but Djawadi steers clear of genre cliches. He does use the screeching violins now and then, but his soundscape is more along the lines of "oh fuck, it's a vampire" and not "ahhhhhhhh, vampire!". The music plays heavy and always carries some variation of the main theme, which I love. This is a very thematic score and after a while the theme becomes the source of adrenaline as Djawadi slows it down and speeds it up. The final act is your typical rise of action and fall of the antagonist, which you can read right from the music. Then we have a nice tidy resolution piece and the end credits suite of that amazing theme.

Ramin Djawadi hits the ball out of the park with this score. It's not only fun but extremely good. It may be one of my favorites of his from his entire career. This is a horror score, but it feels new and doesn't feel like I've heard it in a hundred other horror films. Wait, I take that statement back. This is a vampire score and an awesome one at that. If Brian Tyler did something like this for Final Destination 5 then maybe he'd perk up a few ears. Any fan of Djawadi or horror will love this score. It has all the right ingredients to make the journey worth taking over and over again.