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Forza Motorsport 6 by Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nielsen (Review)

posted Mar 11, 2016, 9:47 AM by Kaya Savas

Racing games in the past have never truly captured an audience for their scores. I grew up playing Gran Turismo and the many incarnations of that franchise for Playstation, but all I remember was the licensed music. XBOX has their own incarnation in Forza Motorsport, and here we have the 6th installment with a score composed by Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen. The duo have done quite an impressive job of giving a “racing game” a narrative force behind it.

The challenge for a racing game is that there is no story and no central characters. What you have are the vehicles, the tracks and the thrill of the race itself. That right there is where the composers found an angle to craft a score that felt like a narrative. They embraced the emotions of the player and the feel you get when you do drive. I mean think about how many times you’ve been driving on some scenic highway with the windows down just enjoying the drive? I know for myself I LOVE listening to film scores while driving. This score almost replicates the emotional fuel you get from being behind the wheel in different locations around the world. It definitely has a sound of its own, and the music manages to be a cohesive whole while still giving us different sounds throughout.

Forza Motorsport 6 has no characters or story, but it still has tons of emotion. It might be one of the few true examples of how music can shape an emotional structure by anticipating what the player will be feeling when playing the game. There is some exiting and terrific music here that feels as if it were plucked from the latest Hollywood blockbuster. So, if you’re looking for melody and action blended with emotional chills then this score is definitely worth exploring.