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Far Cry: Primal by Jason Graves (Review)

posted Apr 12, 2016, 9:15 PM by Leo Mayr

Jason Graves is no stranger to videogame scores, and after his incredible music for the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, he seemed like the perfect composer to work on Ubisoft's new stone-age game. What made Tomb Raider such an intense experience was the dominant use of heavy percussion and less melodic instruments creating a dark and gritty atmosphere and exciting life-or-death fights. Going back to the stone age means no traditional orchestra, no electronics, and no instruments that did not exist back then. So the different sounds and textures Graves created are truly unique. There are countless different sounds and instruments, even war cries, all playing together to create one of the most original and distinguishable scores in recent memory.

The score contains a great deal of percussion, ranging from subtle suspenseful moments to intense, loud and brutal combat. The bits in between are filled with ambient tracks and subtle emotional sections that define the fictional game world. Graves managed to create different musical styles for the three tribes in the game that really give the player a sense of connection between the events and actions in the game. The ambient music for exploring the game world is executed just as well with a variety of interesting atmospheres and sounds.

Far Cry: Primal is one of the more unique big budget videogame scores released in recent years. The sheer amount of different sounds employed to create just the right music for the game is incredible, and Grave manages to create a score that sets its own personal identity against the flood of scores coming out this year. While the listening value of any specific track falls out rather short, the overall experience is definitely one that will stay in my memory. The nearly 2 hour long album may end up feeling a little too long, but one simply has to admire the creativity that went into this project.