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Fair Game by John Powell (Review)

posted Oct 28, 2010, 9:48 AM by Kaya Savas

John Powell continues his collaboration with director Doug Liman. The thing with composer collaborations is that they usually stick with their directors even for the bad movies (Jumper anyone?). Fair Game is definitely not a score to judge John Powell's capabilities with. Some may compare this effort to Green Zone where it was mainly background score, but for me at least Powell's score carried the emotions and intensity of the action there. Here it just seems like he could have scored this in his sleep. I can't imagine he spent that much time on this film.

The score is extremely simplified to a point where it feels like it's running in place and you're not really moving anywhere. There are a lot of John Powell elements at play here and any fan of his can pick out his trademark techniques and sounds, but to what avail? Really there are only one or two standout tracks. I really like "Gathering Intel" and "Joe's Report", but if I had to pick something else I really couldn't tell you because it all meshes into one.

So, is John Powell's score bad? Not at all. It's just not a standout score. Powell is at a point in his career where I think he can't really compose a bad score even if he tried. He's just that talented. I mean How To Train Your Dragon is by far the best score this year so far and it looks to stay that way. I love Powell's music a lot, but even I can't deny that this one is a dud.