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Every Day by Jeanine Tesori (Review)

posted Jun 16, 2011, 6:30 PM by Kaya Savas

Every Day is a family drama starring Liev Schreiber and Helen Hunt. The film revolves around a family in day to day life and pretty much explores life and everything that comes with it. For the score Jeanine Tesori composes a wonderful small score that has all the right beats but misses being a grand arcing piece. Now you may say that the film is about hitting small moments and such, but any film with a score release that is only 16 minutes clearly isn't letting the score do its job.

What we have here are simple little melodies that while good don't do much in terms of crafting emotional depth. The central motif is quite beautiful and provides a wonderful anchoring point. The score is mostly piano, guitar and strings so the melodies are very strong and hit precisely. What the score does well is craft a warm feeling and then pulls it away so you get a sense of longing. Unfortunately due to the short track times and overall short running time the music doesn't have much of an effect. I absolutely love the last track and it's a great finishing point but it wasn't until that last track that I became completely immersed with the emotions that the music was communicating.

The end result feels like a wonderful vision that wasn't allowed to spread its wings. When films don't let the score flow the way a score should the result is a choppy obstructed emotional arc. It's essentially cutting off the blood flow of the film.