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Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two by Jim Dooley (Review)

posted Jan 3, 2013, 9:07 AM by Kaya Savas

Emmy winner Jim Dooley is one of the consistently great composers working today, and his mark in the video game world has been nothing but stellar quality. His score to Epic Mickey was a wonderful fantasy adventure that absorbed you into the world of the game. He created his own Disney sound while playing on certain motifs of the past. This time around for Epic Mickey 2 he expands on his universe adding more fun twists and musical numbers.

Epic Mickey 2 definitely feels more like a Jim Dooley score to me than the first one, and it’s refreshing to hear a composer’s personal style make itself prominent. While the first score was great it was more so of Jim testing the waters with this expansive playground for him to work on. This time around I got lost in the music much more easily and found my mind existing in the world the music has painted. Parts of it reminded me of Pushing Daisies and it was great to hear Jim incorporate more Disney archetypes into the music yet still making it a completely original experience.

Epic Mickey 2 is a top-notch score from Jim Dooley, who is indeed one of my personal favorites. His music always invigorates and captivates, and it’s all the more evident in his second effort for this game franchise. Dooley never conforms to the Disney brand, but instead makes the inescapable world of Disney his own and it’s an extremely fun listen.