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Enough Said by Marcelo Zarvos (Review)

posted Dec 2, 2013, 9:42 PM by Kaya Savas

Scoring people is one of Marcelo Zarvos’ greatest assets. His music seems to find just the right path to the inner core of characters. His scores carry all the great characteristics of good scoring including melodies, themes and emotional resonance. However I find his ability to score people the most impressive. Enough Said is a perfect example this ability. James Gandolfini stars posthumously as Albert; a divorced middle-aged man who ends up falling in love with divorced middle-aged woman played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The score is a wonderful delight. 

Zarvos takes a very warm and likable approach to this. The film has comedy and drama, but it’s hard to describe the score as light or heavy. I think “real” is a better term to describe it. The music feels real and the story it’s telling us with these characters feels organic. We never get cliched goofiness or melodramatic romance. Zarvos finds the right tone at all times without ever making it feel forced, and that makes this a very special little score. There isn’t anything big happening here, but its simple gentle theme and wonderful charisma makes it a charmer. This is a story about two people and this score reflects that.

Enough Said is not some big drama about finding your place in life. It’s about two middle-aged people finding themselves in their normal lives. The score feels perfect for these characters and the instrumentation echoes everything these characters are. There is just the right amount of energy behind it to give the music that charm, but the organic character touches are what make the score special. Musically, this is a wonderful experience. The score is genuine and the story it’s telling is as well. This is a lovely score about people done in a way that Marcelo does best.