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Ender's Game by Steve Jablonsky (Review)

posted Oct 29, 2013, 6:42 PM by Kaya Savas

Steve Jablonsky is a wonderful composer whose talents lie in the ability to craft monumental and emotionally engrossing scores. He is Michael Bay’s go-to composer and has done amazing work with the action auteur director. Outside if his collaborations with Bay he has done great scores from thrilling adventure in Steamboy to even comedy in Your Highness. Ender’s Game truly is the perfect vehicle for Jablonsky and his score shows how great he is at building a science fiction world that is able to immerse the audience within that universe.

Jablonsky’s style is undeniable, and it’s his distinct style that makes him one of the great auteur composers. The opening track sets the scope and tone for what’s to come. The music is big and it has a pretty grand weight behind it. While something like Transformers was built to be lighter and faster for frenetic action, this score moves a bit slower to create this overarching feel of grandeur. There is also tons of emotion behind every note as this really is an emotionally driven score. The way he builds some tracks are hair-raising, and he really infuses a sense of beauty behind it. That sense of beauty makes the music feel more personal and character-driven as well. There are lots of quiet moments throughout the score as Jablonsky builds towards the big third act. Long tracks that hover around the 5 and 6-minute mark really allow this score to work wonders. The music has a lot of depth and still retains that strong thematic side that people love so much about Steve’s writing. All in all it’s a fantastic action/drama score that crafts an immersive soundscape for the world to exist in.

Ender’s Game is actually a more reserved approach than what you’d expect from Jablonsky, and that’s great. The score works on more levels beneath the surface of the thematic stuff, and it really is emotionally engaging. Steve demonstrates some great structure and arcs as he crafts the story through the music. This is a fantastic effort from one of the great auteur composers working today.