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Elvis & Nixon by Edward Shearmur (Review)

posted May 5, 2016, 3:51 PM by Kaya Savas

Edward Shearmur’s music has always been a highlight of the films he has scored. Some of his notable works include Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow, K-PAX, The Count Of Monte Cristo, Charlie’s Angels, Reign Of Fire and Johnny English. His ability to hit the right tone and bring melodic life to his scores made him a great fit for Elvis & Nixon. This is a short and stylish score, but it adds just the right amount of flavor to let the two leading actors do their thing.

There really isn't that much to analyze here. The score is meant to add a stylish substance to the film, and it successfully accomplishes that. It’s a brisk 20min of music that flies by rather quickly. In the film it shares space with a handful of golden oldies meant to establish the time and setting of late 60’s/early 70’s America. The absurd story of Elvis Presley requesting a meeting with Nixon to swear him in as a Federal Agent is grounds enough to have fun with the score, and that’s what Shearmur does. The music capture the rock and roll personality of Elvis and adds a little fun twist in the tone. The score is never over the top and it does just enough to add a little flavor to the whole package. Think of it as salt you put on your food. You season it just right so enhance the flavor, not overkill it. The score doesn’t have much dimension or depth beyond its sole purpose, but you can’t really fault the score since the movie doesn't require it. Musically we get our seasoning, and that’s all we need.

Elvis & Nixon is a short and sweet stylish effort from Edward Shearmur. It’s fun and has plenty of energy while still capturing an essence of the characters. The music doesn’t have much depth, but it never needed to have it anyway. This is simply the salt to season the food. Just a little sprinkle, and everything tastes great.