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Eddie The Eagle by Matthew Margeson (Review)

posted Mar 11, 2016, 9:47 AM by Kaya Savas

Matthew Margeson honed his skills being an additional composer on many of Henry Jackman’s scores, and even co-composing with Jackman on scores like Kick-Ass 2 and Kingsman: The Secret Service where Margeson did all the heavy lifting. Here with Eddie The Eagle we truly get something special though. And I mean really special. From start to finish I found this score infused a sense of fulfillment and wonder that I haven’t felt in a long time from a film score. It immediately called me back to the great sports movies of the 90’s such as Cool Runnings and The Mighty Ducks and of course a dash of even more vintage Tangelos. Eddie The Eagle is a score born from the character at the center of the film, and it delivers something truly sentimental and uplifting.

Margeson approached this score electronically, and I’m sure it wasn’t a budget decision all alone because the style feels so perfect and unique to the story. Immediately you know who Eddie is, and what his goals are. As cliched as the “follow your dream” story might feel, it still invokes a sense of wonder and emotion in the listener. Does the score and narrative follow the typical formulaic structure of overcoming odds to succeed? Yes. But it does so with such heart and integrity that the score never feels too saccharine or melodramatic. And honestly, it’s the electronic approach that saved it from that. I promise you if this same score was done with a full orchestra, it would be super sappy. Instead now, it’s a near perfect reflection of the human spirit. The theme is supremely uplifting and emotional and feels so organic and pure. From the ups and the downs, the music captures all of our drives to succeed in life’s journey and that’s what makes it an emotional triumph. It echoes the idea that we all only have a limited time to live our lives, so live it to the fullest.

Eddie The Eagle is pure scoring magic. Matthew Margeson has found a way to make a score so human, and so born of the hero’s journey to overcome that it explodes with heart. I guarantee you’ll immediately connect to this story no matter what struggles or hardships you have had to overcome in life. It immediately puts it all into perspective and allows you to go on this amazing uplifting journey without ever feeling too sappy or saccharine. The electronic approach is perfect, it makes it unique and pumps the score full of character. The theme is used wonderfully in variations throughout and it all comes into glorious fruition in the grand finale. Yes it’s predictable, yes it’s a formula we’ve seen, but goddamn is it brilliantly executed to be emotional and inspiring.