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Dying Of The Light by Frederik Wiedmann (Review)

posted Mar 6, 2015, 9:23 AM by Kaya Savas

Paul Schrader has been great for entertainment recently, and when I say that I don’t mean his films. He flashed his balls to Lindsey Lohan and seems to be hated by studios and actors alike. Who knew that the man who wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull would now be knows as the guy who studios keep taking movies away from. Just like The Exorcist prequel, Dying Of The Light was taken away from Schrader and completed without him. That means poor Frederik Wiedmann had to come in and pretty much work on this failed police thriller. Given the circumstances though, one would think this score would be a mess. But honestly, Frederik Wiedmann probably benefitted from never working with Schrader as this is a decent thriller score.

Dying Of The Light follows a dying CIA agent who tries and track down a man who tortured him years ago. The score is nothing fancy. Wiedmann mainly focuses on creating mood and atmosphere, which he is great at. Wiedmann has been turning heads with his DC Comics animation scores, which have showcased all sorts of range from the young composer. Here, he demonstrates a pretty good grasp on the thriller formula. The score overall feels a bit watered down and mundane, but honestly you have to look at the source material here. Overall though, the string-based score provides a nice shimmering quality to the mystery. Some nice textures and melodic accents are used to give it a nice flow too. The score overall demonstrates a great grasp of the narrative flow with some decent writing for a formulaic thriller.

Wiedmann’s score here isn’t going to turn heads. I’m more impressed that a score as decent as this was able to be pulled off from such a mess of a production, and a godawful film overall. Wiedmann does all that he can to deliver a succinct and impressively structured thriller score. It definitely proves his abilities in the genre and makes for a good listen if that’s all that it offers.