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Drive Angry by Michael Wandmacher (Review)

posted Feb 16, 2011, 9:53 AM by Kaya Savas

Last year Michael Wandmacher was behind the B horror flick Piranha 3D and to my surprise composed one of the most fun scores of the year. It was just a purely entertaining listen that I absolutely loved. This year we have another 3D flick that has "grindhouse" written all over it. Nic Cage plays a father who escapes from hell to get revenge and save his daughter from a bunch of thugs. Hell has sent their #1 man to bring him back though. So with a plot like that you better not be taking this kind of movie seriously. If Wandmacher's score is any indication of the tone of this flick then this is another hell of a fun ride.

One of my favorite scores of the 90's is Mark Mancina and Trevor Rabin's score to Con Air. Pure fun and balls to the wall action. This here is exactly that. Drive Angry's score is more of a rock album that functions as a score. Electric guitars are heavily featured throughout the score. We even get a banjo. What fills out the rest are some great percussion, some strings and a few electronics. The first track sets the tone with the theme and immediately you should have a smile on your face. What follows is one hell of a ride. The score keeps up the energy even in the more quiet tracks and shows that this isn't just background music. The music functions as a storytelling device and yes as the adrenaline for the action scenes. It's what pure fun action should be.

If you've ever seen a grindhouse flick then you should know what to expect. Lots of it reminded me of Robert Rodriguez too. Some of it felt reminiscent of Desperado mixed in with Planet Terror. So if you're yearning for the sound of hard-ass action flicks of the past then pop this baby in and enjoy. If it has one shortcoming then it's the fact that it's a pretty one dimensional score. Then again you can't blame Wandmacher because the film acts purely as a B action flick and nothing else. With almost 60 minutes and not a dull moment it makes for a great standalone listen. It's definitely great driving music too, but don't blame the score if you get pulled over for speeding.