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Dreamland Lullaballads by Dina Layzis (Review)

posted Jan 24, 2012, 9:03 PM by Kaya Savas

Now time to take a very rare break from the world of films scores to experience something a little different. Dreamland Lullaballads isn't a score or a soundtrack but a collection of children songs that were written to evoke images and inspire imagination. Now, in my book that constitutes itself as a score to me. When I grew up music was such a huge part of me; be it scores or songs. Music shapes the way children view the world and in turn can shape their minds. All the ballads here in this album were done with that intent.

Now you might be saying "why would I want to listen to lullabies". These aren't your typical rhyming lullabies and nursery rhymes. Layzis' absolutely gorgeous voice carries you into a very soothing world. The music is expertly produced with full strings and piano. Some of the songs craft a very unique atmosphere and feel. They never feel like children's song and honestly I could see them as great songs to write to. Some of them even have Danny Elfman qualities. Overall the experience is one worth venturing. I can imagine them making a great impression on younger ones.

Dina Layzis has an incredibly beautiful voice and her soothing balladas tell great stories in this light album that never feels kiddy. These are all well written songs with a large amount of heart backed behind each one. They have cinematic storytelling qualities and I would recommend them to any writer who needs to give their imagination a little boost.