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Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor/The Time Of The Doctor by Murray Gold (Review)

posted Nov 11, 2014, 1:03 PM by Leo Mayr

One of the reasons film scores even caught my eye was Murray Gold‘s amazing Doctor Who score. From the first season (since the reboot) I found the music to be excellent and every new season just kept getting better and better. I personally see Gold‘s score for season seven to be the worst (but by no means bad) as it turned the menacing Daleks into some happy playful theme. In my opinion, the entire season was getting a little too childish with the scary deadly monsters never actually doing anything besides looking scary... If looking scary justifies the Doctor murdering them, is that really what we want to teach our children?

So eventually I got a little worried about getting to hear Murray Gold‘s next entry in the Doctor Who franchise. But my expectations were exceeded by far. The score uses familiar themes which is one thing I love about television scores. They allow for much more variation of themes during several episodes and therefore establish continuity throghout the entire franchise. 

With David Tennant being featured once more on the cover of a Doctor Who score, the music for The Day Of The Doctor similarly feels like the good old times with even themes from previous seasons returning. Tracks like “He Was There“ and “No More“ throw us right back into the time war with similarities to Tennant‘s final episode The End Of Time, but even reusing segments from that episode, continuity at it‘s best! “England 1562“ and “Nice Horse“ revive the Doctor‘s theme from season 3 making Tennant‘s return an absolute musical highlight of the episode. “We Are The Doctors“, “This Time There‘s Three Of Us“ and “Song For Four“ really stand out from the rest as really emotional yet breathtaking heroic tracks.

With The Time Of The Doctor, the score kind of stays within that style although the references to previous seasons are not featured on this score. Despite the episode to be my least favourite, the score moves into a stunning action segment with “The Crack“ and an amazing brass instruments section in “Rhapsody Of War“ that really makes the short track stand out from the rest. With this episode being Matt Smith‘s departure, the conclusion parts start to begin in “This Is How It Ends“ with several themes from season 7 returning in „Trenzalore/The Long Song/I Am Information (Reprise)“ (track 40, to be precise...). This finale, although it does not match David Tennant‘s amazing departure (“Vale Decem“, from the Complete Specials score) really makes the score to The Time Of The Doctor stand out from other episodes and “Hello Twelve“ is a fun little nod to the new Doctor, something we are used to by now.

This double score really proves to be worthy of being its own separate album. When a season of TV is compressed into one album, some episodes only get one or two tracks while here we get more than 90-minutes of music just for two episodes. The score definiteley is a worthy addition to Murray Gold‘s work and is definiteley worth your time. I am looking forward to Gold‘s season 8 score!