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Doctor Who: Series 7 by Murray Gold (Review)

posted Nov 11, 2013, 4:56 PM by Kaya Savas

Doctor Who remains as one of the pinnacle examples of what TV music can be. Murray Gold has continually done stupendous work and Series 7 continues with some of the brilliance that has found its way into this series. To completely examine how intricate and detailed his work is from season to season is too grand for a tiny review like this. But believe me that some of his best writing takes place here in Series 7.

Bold themes, flourishing melodies, engaging builds and all done with a lush orchestral approach. One would think that each episode of Doctor Who is composed with a budget the size John Williams has for Star Wars or Hans Zimmer for The Dark Knight Rises. Beyond the sound of the score there is also a big living and breathing center. For every series I’ve felt that this music is born from pure inspiration with a life of its own. The music that Murray Gold continually gives this series is something of wonder, majesty, fun, deep emotion, curiosity, mystery and the desire of exploration. This is adventure scoring done in the best way possible. You are on this journey and with these characters. You feel every bump, stretch and build as the dramatic flow carries you. The music is filled with little moments that shine through as to keep points of uniqueness scattered throughout. Murray Gold still finds a way to take you on a journey that is continually thrilling.

Doctor Who: Series 7 is some of the best writing in the series so far. I found myself completely immersed in the two discs of Gold’s thrilling score. He still finds new ways to excite and engage after all these years, and Silva Screen does another fantastic job of presenting us with the score. With nearly 2.5 hours of music you will definitely be enjoying Doctor Who: Series 7 for quite some time.