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Doctor Who: Series 6 by Murray Gold (Review)

posted Feb 22, 2012, 8:30 PM by Kaya Savas

Murray Gold has taken listeners on countless journeys over the years with Doctor Who. His scores have been stunning and are just a pure joy to listen to. Series 6 is no different as Silva Screen brings us another 2-disc set loaded with tunes to tickle your fancy. If you've been along for the ride this far then you should know what to expect, but if this is your first Doctor Who listening experience you won't be disappointed.

Murray Gold blends multiple styles into one with Doctor Who, and his lush grand orchestrations done with flair make for an enticing listen. Some cues have epic cinematic scopes and since he is such a melodic composer we always have some sort of tune to grasp onto. This isn't bland background scoring and every moment has a gathered momentum heading somewhere. There is always an element of wry humor behind the music in certain areas, and he knows when to play off it or pull back. The music can be romantic and at times even "cartoony", but the experience as a whole never suffers from multiple personalities.

Doctor Who: Series 6 is another fantastic entry to the already impressive collection of music composed by Murray Gold. Doctor Who fans will dive right in and enjoy every moment, but I urge anyone who has not taken the plunge to do so now. Modern sensibilities done with classic stylings make Doctor Who a shining gem in the world of television scores.