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Doctor Who: Series 5 by Murray Gold (Review)

posted Jan 12, 2011, 7:44 PM by Kaya Savas

The music to BBC's Doctor Who stands as some of the best TV composing going on right now. What Murray Gold has done for this series is essentially given it the wings it needs to soar. The way the score takes the viewer on a journey is something to behold and I really believe series 5 may be the best so far. Firstly I must applaud Silva Screen Records for consistently giving Doctor Who amazing score releases. TV shows usually get overlooked and only until LOST came along did a label actually treat a TV score well over its run. It's hard to judge a score by listening to "best of" selections that had to fit on 1 CD. Silva has given series 5 two full discs worth of score. Over the two discs you will get 2 hours and 11 minutes and 54 seconds of music, yes you read right.

Now if you are a Doctor Who fan or someone whose just experienced the scores in passing then you know just how many genres the show incorporates into its science fiction plot. Gold has proven his abilities as a storyteller by being able to stylize certain aspects of the score as demanded by the story. He is able to hit certain beats and most importantly knows when to lay off the pedal to let the characters and dialogue breathe. While certain motifs extend and become large arcs the gist of the score strives in simplicity. Simple melodies do wonders here and make for an extremely entertaining listen.

The score can be campy in certain respects to the show and maybe too whimsical. With that said humor plays a big role as the accenting emotion in the score. This is an adventurous score with swashbuckling qualities. The humorous beats accent the music well, but in a way the humor also bogs it down a bit. The humor keeps the score at a certain level and it immediately becomes labeled as a "fun" score. Basically the score won't evoke any grand emotions in the listener.

The grandness of what Murray Gold has done in series 5 is something to behold. The score is heavily thematic and that's what makes it so great. Everything plays out in a simple yet brilliantly executed modern fashion. It's very rare to find a 2-CD score release where every bit of music is worth listening to over and over like this. Definitely a recommended listen even to the most casual fan.