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Doctor Who: Series 4 [The Specials] by Murray Gold (Review)

posted Nov 17, 2010, 9:49 PM by Kaya Savas

Doctor Who's appeal definitely depends on whether or not you like the show. I honestly don't follow the show but have always enjoyed what Murray Gold has done with the series as its gone along. The show calls heavily for support from the score and luckily Gold has the versatility to keep up with the storylines and be able to make a distinctive mark.

The score can change styles very quickly but never loses the feel of the Doctor Who universe. At times the sore can be very traditional and at times modern approaches are incorporated. The John Barry quality of the style always appealed to me. This album has 2 discs worth of music from the specials that are listed on the front cover. The listening experience may feel a bit jumbled but the score does have a lot of character. The melodies work and the music is incredibly visual. Some may label the score over the top, but within the context of the show it fits perfectly.

Doctor Who fans will love the set, but I can't imagine anyone jumping into the deep end here with this release if they have never listened or watched Doctor Who before. So, if you're interested in Gold's work with the series I suggest you start back at the beginning. Otherwise there is a lot of fun music to be had here. While the score isn't stellar in terms of carrying emotional arcs it does have a distinct voice and character that keeps it afloat.