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Deformers by Austin Wintory

posted May 1, 2017, 10:21 AM by Leo Mayr

 is a competetive multiplayer videogame featuring squishable animals. So naturally, Austin Wintory was the perfect composer for it. Wintory has composed countless videogame scores over the past years, yet somehow, none really sound alike. His work on Deformers is no different in that regard.

The game by design features no narrative components, so the music doesn't have a set path to follow. In contrast to some of Wintory's more popular scores like Journey or last year's Abzû, the music doesn't have tear inducing emotional moments, instead focusing on all out fun. This is the kind of score that is nearly impossible to describe in words. The instrumentation and style literally change at a moment's notice, with Wintory going all out for some of the most unique sounds and instrumentations I have heard in a score. From more traditional strings and brass to accordion, guitars and vocals, there's an absurd amount of different sounds all in one piece of music. One minute the score reminds you of wild west adventures, the next you're in a circus. The music is just filled with energy and Wintory's inventiveness. A fun main theme appears in a few places throughout the score, as do a few parts that strongly reminded me of Wintory's work on Abzû and Assassin's Creed Syndicate, but the vast majority of the score never repeats itself.

Deformers is simply fun. There's no other way to put it, the music is just filled with fun. Wintory manages to keep the pace up for the entire album presentation, never really slowing down or repeating himself, the music constantly surprised me with unusual sounds, making the experience all the more entertaining.