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Da Vinci's Demons: Season Three by Bear McCreary (Review)

posted Nov 5, 2015, 8:25 PM by Kaya Savas

Bear McCreary’s score to Da Vinci’s Demons has been this immense treasure of richly developed arcs and motifs. Season 1 and 2 have been some of the best scoring on television, and Season 3 continues the greatness for what will be the last hurrah. Starz and creator David S. Goyer decided to end the show after this third season, and Goyer claims they will be closing out the series with a satisfying ending. Just recently Goyer opened up the possibility of a limited run for a season 4 way down the line, but for now this is the end. McCreary delivers the goods in this final arc for Da Vinci as he heads into the Battle Of Otranto.

The score to this series has been very special because McCreary and all the creatives have been really working freely, and honestly Bear is doing some of his best writing as a composer on the Starz network. Look at Black Sails and Outlander, and you’ll agree that this is Bear McCreary unrestrained versus the more toned down McCreary on say AMC’s tightly-run moneymaker The Walking Dead. What Da Vinci’s Demons brings to the table is grand orchestral adventure intertwined with great ethnic instrumentation and action arcs. The scores have this romantic feel to them, they are so engaging and resonate so deep. Plus Bear’s melodic writing makes every second of the journey so entertaining. This season gets off to a slower start and sort of broods in the gallows for the first half before building to an immense finale. While this season is a great score, I don’t think it ever reached that extra bit of special goodness the first two seasons did. And I mean that by like a fraction of a hair. In true Bear fasion, we get long tracks that really show us how the music is working. The 10-min track “The Tank Yard” is fantastic, and so is the big 8-min “The Battle Of Otranto”. All of the music feels born of this historical fantasy world, and it never loses your hold as a listener.

Da Vinci’s Demons third and final season is a great send off from Bear McCreary who brings the whole thing to a close for one final bombastic hurrah. The first two seasons may have an edge in terms of intricate nuances and character building, but this final season which starts off deep and brooding will wow with the big swells in the final moments. If you’ve been enjoying the ride thus far, there isn’t a reason you won’t enjoy Bear’s send-off for this richly detailed historical fantasy.